You might be wondering why I built this site. And if you know me, you might be wondering why I am starting yet another blog. I hope to answer those fully in this first post and there are basically 2 main reasons.

1. I wanted to build a new site based on a static site generator

I have been fascinated by JAMStack for a long while now. There is fundamental question about “do we need a DB for most use cases anymore?” that I have struggled with for a while now. A quick look see through my GitHub account will reveal a slew of things I have looked at, from flat HTML to GatsbyJS, both of which I run in production.

Nothing really seemed like the solution I was looking for for a new blog. NPM libraries for a site build kinda got me down to be honest. Then, out of nowhere, this tweet I started down a rabbit hole from which this site was born:

Hugo + Netlify is freaking awesome!

First of all, Hugo is based on the Go language, which is build from concept on up for scale and speed. As I dig into Hugo, I am learning more Go as I go along. That is not likely a bad thing.

Second of all, theming is downright fun. I am not even joking. I have delighted in figuring out the few things I have while overriding one of the many themes you can get off the shelf. Leveraging Bootstrap and very minimal JS makes this as fun to work on as old school Geocities in my opinion, but with plenty of room to get fancy if I need to. But I don’t think I will need to, given the notion of this blog.

Deploying is also the same process as pushing to github. Unlike a few other projects I have tried where version control and deployments are not interdependent, the arrangement with Netlify means git push origin master is all I need to kick of the less than 30 second process to update my site. I did investigate a 100% github based solution relying on Hugo’s build process locally but it is not nearly as slick or simple as Netlify’s.

But maybe my favorite part though, is I am writing this post in Markdown, in my terminal while the hugo server is running and showing me the build every time I save the file. Below is a screenshot of how I made this post:

screenshot of visual studio code open with 3 files open and a terminal running hugo server

2. I need a place to organize my thoughts outside of my other writing projects

Currently I have two ongoing writing projects for my current brands:

  1. Public speaker in the WordPress and Drupal communities,, and
  2. My newest outing, the LinkedIn blog for Process Digital Consulting

My mcdwayne project started as a personal blog, but in late 2016 I realized I needed a way to track my life of constant travel to dozens of events per year. What it has become is a formulaic review of WordCamps and DrupalCamps so I can sort out in the future what I did at the 100+ events I have participated in since 2016. There are a few personal posts tossed in but mostly I have kept the scope to my life working in the Drupal and WordPress space.

My blog for Process Digital Consulting is a tool for me to sort through my thoughts on process management, with a goal of developing content channels from what I sort out. No real room there for personal thoughts that waft through my mind outside of the lense of process optimization.

This blog is meant to be my personal thoughts without binding it to what I do for a living. I felt I needed a place for random technology tinkering notes or crochet or whatever is on my mind in general. This is what I used to use MySpace and Facebook for before one went away and I quit the other.

How often will I update? What will I write about next?

I have no idea about these questions right now. I did not intend to create a personal blog when I started, but the more I thought on it, the more I realized I wanted to do just that. I will be here writing and likely pushing out notices on twitter when I do update.

Always happy to talk about just about anything, feel free to reach out.